To save you having to contact individual directors and managers we felt it would be useful to list Q & As that have come up frequently in the past. It is by no means an exhaustive list and will be added to as new ones arrive.

Estate Management

Q : I have received invoices from BHOEC Ltd but these are not correctly addressed – what should I do?

A : The Company raise invoices in accordance with the current shareholder information. If your details are incorrect contact Gavin Derriman at HES Estate Management Ltd, 01372 455248 or gavin@heseml.co.uk who will provide you with a membership application form to update your details.

Q : When are construction vehicles allowed on the Estate?

A : Monday to Friday (no Bank Holidays) no weekend working, 7.30 a.m. – 6.00 p.m. If you see any activity outside of those hours please note details of the contractor and report them to Gavin Derriman, gavin@heseml.co.uk

Q : To whom do I report damage to estate signs, property, gates, driving over verges etc?

A : Our Managers, HES Estate Management Ltd, in Great Bookham. Gavin Derriman, 01372 455248 or email gavin@heseml.co.uk.

Q : Who owns the verges?

A : BHOEC Ltd owns all the verges. Posts or stones should not be placed on the verges without prior permission of the Company. Owners of the frontages in their Deeds commit to maintaining the verges outside their property. If this is not done BHOEC will appoint landscape gardeners to do this work and charge the individual householders.

Q : What about the drains?

A: If you have drains enclosed under your verge or have a drainage ditch it is your responsibility to keep them clear at all times. Clogged drains can lead to flooding of your and neighbouring properties.

Q : What do HES Estate Management do for the Estate?

A : They are our appointed Estate Managers. They supervise Gary Blunden who is our man on the ground patrolling the Estate for 20 hours a week. They are responsible for actioning all work agreed by the Board (not directly contracted following a formal tender). They also look after invoicing, accounts and liaison with members.

The Road Renewal Programme

Q : I have heard about this – what exactly is going on?

A : Several years ago at the agreement of the residents the Board commissioned a full report from our consulting engineers, BTP-Hyder, into the state of the roads within the Estate as, mainly due to housing development works, many had fallen into disrepair.

Once completed this was made available to the membership. In its pages was a priority list of roads for which work was essential. The Board then embarked on a rolling 5-year programme which aims to fully repair and renew all roads on the Estate. Phase I was Fairoak Close on the North side. This was finished in 2010. Phase II involves the two halves of Stokesheath Road. The north part was finished in October 2011 with the Southern stretch finished in Spring 2012. The reconstruction of the South Side of the Estate (accessed by the village entrance) started in 2013 and was completed in 2015.

Q : How is this funded?

A : In 2002 the then Board established the principle of charging developers an EMC (Exceptional Maintenance Charge) based on £x per sq.metre. Unfortunately this was fixed at a level that was too low to fully compensate for the damage to the road surfaces that was being caused. Subsequent Boards have, with the agreement of the residents, raised this to a level where now the Board feels is currently adequate. However, this has been a ‘catch up’ exercise and dependant on the extent of the work that individual roads may require as their turn arrives the excess cost is being charged to residents. Essentially the annual road charges have been kept low – we now need to catch up.

Q : How does the EMC work?

A : The developer provides a bond based on, currently, £30 per sq. metre. This relates to the size of the demolition and subsequent rebuild. It is also there as a guard against good behaviour – respecting the byelaws of the Estate. The whole Estate has been divided into four charging zones. All the EMC money ‘pots’ within each area are used to mitigate the overall cost per house for the road renewal programme when it reaches those roads. The Board has the authority to increase the EMC up to £60 per sq. metre. This rate is regularly under review.

Housing Development

Q : I wish to extend my house, make substantial alterations and maybe build a swimming pool – am I going to have to pay anything to the Estate?

 A : Yes. The rules for commercial developers also apply to individual owners. What the Board are trying to achieve is to put money aside to make repairs to roads where, as a result of heavy vehicular traffic for work of any kind to a property, damage or excessive wear is likely to take place.

Film/ Location Renting

Q : I have been approached by a film company to use my house and gardens for a film – am I OK to do this?

A : Yes, but all work of this nature is very disruptive to the Estate. Inevitably it will involve excessive vehicle parking on Estate roads, bright lighting and noise. You will need to get permission from the Estate Managers, which will not be unreasonably upheld, but it is likely that there will be a levy for the company involved to pay of approx £500 per day. Weekend filming is not permitted. Each request is judged on its merits.

Property Sales

Q : What steps can I take to ensure the smooth completion of my property sale?

A : Ask your solicitor to contact Gavin Derriman, our Estate Manager, 01372 455248 or email gavin@heseml.co.uk, to confirm the correct apportionment of current and future invoices and any other pre-contract information.

Security Matters

Q : Is there a Neighbourhood Watch scheme in place?

A : Nothing official that covers the whole Estate. However to be included in regular bulletins for the area please email h.vanroest@henk-van-roest.com the neighbourhood watch co-ordinator.

South Side Gate Fobs

Q : Who has access to Gate Fobs for the South Side?

 A : All the residents of the South Side of the Estate paid approx £500 each to have the current gates installed. Each member of their household holding a driving licence is entitled to one gate fob which is valid for the gate nearest their house. There is a current maximum of 4 per house to prevent abuse. No trades or household staff have that entitlement and must use the village entrance.

Website Queries

Q : If I have a technical question about the website who do I talk to?

 A : You can either speak to Gavin Derriman, our Estate Manager, on 01372 455248 or at gavin@heseml.co.uk, or you can speak to Alex Gee at Reaper Enterprises who built the site. He can be reached on 0845 272 3534 or by email at alex@reaper.com.

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