Residents’ Obligations

Verges, Drainage Ditches & Culverts

All residents are required to maintain the verges and drainage ditches and culverts fronting their particular properties. This is particularly important in the Autumn when the rapid build up of leaves can block ditches and drains and cause flooding to neighbouring properties as well as their own.

If this is not done the Company may undertake this work and bill the respective property accordingly.

The bye-laws require that verges shall not be used for the storage of materials, plant or waste or the parking of vehicles and must be protected during building work. Surface water drainage ditches must be kept clear and must not be filled in under any circumstances.


Residents are expected to ensure that their hedges are cut regularly.


Out of consideration to neighbours, residents are asked to avoid having bonfires during summer evenings/weekends or at times when they are likely to be a nuisance.


Members are asked to ensure that their dogs do not foul either their or other resident’s verges.

Speed Limits

Due to there often being young children, prams, dog walkers etc on the roads the Estate has set a speed limit of 20 m.p.h. on the roads. Please respect this.


All mature trees on the estate e.g. oak/pine cannot be removed without authority from Elmbridge Borough Council Planning as they are likely to be covered by preservation orders (‘TPOS’). Residents should first check with the Tree Officer at Elmbridge. Heavy fines can result from unauthorised removal.

Burglar Alarms

Members are asked to ensure that their alarms are in good working order to avoid unnecessary inconvenience to neighbours and to make sure that your alarm company and the local police station has the names of two key holders. Only report the ringing of an alarm on any property on the Estate if something suspicious is observed i.e. a broken window.

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