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“A Watchful Eye”

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Neighbourhood Watch
Oxshott NHW Regional Co-ordinator
Henk van Roest –
Tel : 01372 843880

Although you probably have already heard of Neighbourhood Watch before, surely highlighting the importance and great advantages of being part of this invaluable ‘Institution’ may still surprise you.

Crime and the fear of crime (“I am afraid to go out by myself” – “I cannot go shopping because of fear of mugging” – “I am afraid of burglars, there were some burglaries in the neighbourhood” – “I heard of bogus callers in the area, how can I be safe?”… (some familiar phrases heard on crime related TV programmes) can lead to isolation and depreciation of our daily life. Most crime, especially burglaries, is opportunist.

For a better quality of life we can together enhance people’s safety and try to make our neighbourhood a better place to live.

Some statistics from the Home Office show that, where there is an established NHW scheme, the national average of burglaries and crime is considerably less than in non- NHW areas.. That means, the more people are involved participating in schemes providing a network of covered roads, the better the result will be deflecting crime, making it too difficult for a burglar to commit his evil deeds.

It is a community activity led by the community for the community.

NHW likes to encourage:

  • and support individual responsibility for safety in the home and in the community
  • a moral obligation for yourself and your property embraced by the community that surrounds you
  • communication with the police that will lead to better understanding of risk to your own safety and crime in general
  • awareness of occurred incidents in the community by communication through coordinators to be aware and vigilant  in future to prevent crime
  • protection of the vulnerable in our society

In summary:

NHW are the additional eyes and ears so important and useful to the police to prevent, detect and reduce the risk of crime in our community.

Your area may or may not yet be linked up with NHW scheme, but here is a good opportunity to become a member of this organisation, which could be of great advantage to you and your community.

There are no “work”, “specific time consuming tasks” or even “great expectations” involved in becoming a member, as the only requirements are having a nominated representative or scheme coordinator then getting registered to set up the scheme for your community.


  • is FREE
  • makes you part of the community developing group for a safer living environment
  • makes one aware of each other in the same living area
  • entitles you to communication of the network updates
  • does not mean policing, ‘snooping’  or patrolling your area!

Neighbourhood Watch is a highly valued ‘Institution’ recognised nationally and locally; working in partnership with the Fire brigade, Surrey and local Police and other statutory services.

Additionally the Association of British Insurance Companies endorse NHW schemes and as a sign of appreciation some of the Insurance Companies do offer discounts for the Home Insurance to officially registered members of NHW. (One has to check if applicable, but do ask it might save you some money!)

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